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Suicide Prevention: New Interventions - Psychology Continue Education Online

When it comes to treating patients, assessment and treatment of suicidal risk needs to be addressed. With the help of continuing education courses from Professional Psych Seminars, you can find a variety of online courses or live seminars to earn credits.Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work - Psychology CEU offers 6.0 credits and can be done on your PC or Mac computer. Created by Susan Marie, PMHNP, Ph.D. is a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner, with over 30 years of experience training professionals in suicide assessment and intervention and psychopharmacology.

More about the Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work course

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States and more people die from suicide each year than those who die from drugs, homicides, and gun violence combined. It is the second leading cause of death for those 10-34 years old and the fourth leading cause of death for those 34-54 years old. Men die 3.6 times more often than women from suicide, although women are 1.4 times more likely to attempt suicide. It is a myth that talking about suicide with someone is a bad idea and can be interpreted as encouragement to take one’s life. The fact is that asking someone if they are thinking of hurting themselves or ending their life can help the person express how they feel and allow for interventions that can save their life. Also, professionals now know developing a safety plan with someone at risk for suicide is the community standard, since suicide contracts have been found to be ineffective. You can learn more about the latest information about suicide prevention at Zero Suicide, which has an aspirational goal of eliminating suicides through evidenced-based care. The class Suicide Prevention: New Interventions That Work provides the latest information in suicide assessment and intervention.


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Customer Reviews


Mark D.

This was one of the best continuing education courses I've had in years. It was so very useful, extremely well presented. I really liked the user interface breaking up the video into 30-minute segments with related contextual questions. This allowed me to complete the course with my busy schedule. You guys knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much.


Michael C.

This was my first online seminar with your company. I was very impressed with the course. The material was well presented. I liked how the course was broken down into smaller sessions with separate quizzes for each section. The presenter's expertise was much appreciated as well.


Edna M.

Psych Seminars is, by far, the BEST CEU online system that I have CONSISTENTLY experienced!!! It is very easy to use; the technology is effective and CONSISTENTLY works! And it has the BEST METHOD of the sectioned quizzes! THANK YOU!